Create a Dependency

To create a Dependency, navigate to the Delivery view, select the Dependencies tab and click on the Add Dependency button. A slide-in modal will open from the right hand-side, allowing you to input all your Dependency data.

💡Tip: Linking your Dependency to imported Target Features & Issues Needed will help you quickly visualise what work items the Dependency is blocking and schedule its delivery at the right time.

Edit or delete a Dependency

You can access a list of all your dependencies by clicking on the Dependencies tab in the Delivery view. Here, you are able sort your Dependencies by ID, Name, Team delivering, Needed By, Status, and RAG Status. Clicking into any individual Dependency will expand the Dependency detailed view where you can read, edit, or delete your Dependency.

💡Tip: You can download the raw data for all your Dependencies in .csv format by selecting the Download button in the top right.

View Dependencies alongside Programme Features

In the Delivery Summary view, you are able to view all your dependencies at once within the context of the Features, Teams, and Delivery Commitments within your Programme. This board gives you a quick and comprehensive snapshot of your Dependencies' status & impact. To surface all Dependencies simple tick the "Show all dependencies" checkbox at the top of the Programme board or untick to hide.

💡Tip: You can hover over each Feature & Dependency for quick access to their names or click on them for full details.

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